Get in to the zone. Enjoy your music. Reduce surrounding distractions staying aware!


Silenz features

Hear pass-through the sound
of your surroundings

Focus monitor and react
to outside sounds

Control manage playback and volume
of the media players

What is Silenz?

Silenz is an app dedicated to headphones users who listen to music as a way to keep focused.

The app solves problems encountered by virtually every headphones user. Thanks to it, you no longer need to remove them each time you need to hear what is happening around.

It monitors the sounds of your surrounding in a smart way; once it detects a significant sound (e.g. human speech or telephone ringing), it reacts by pausing or adjusting the volume of media players.

The app can also amplify the registered outside sounds and mix them with the currently played music.


A useful app. Perfect for the office. I would highly recommend!

Michał Graphic Designer

Irreplaceable for any freelancer working in headphones. Must have.

Mateusz Frontend Developer


If you ever had to continuously pause your favorite music player
when someone wanted to speak with you or had to remove the headphones completely,
Silenz is the best solution to avoid such situations. - Softpedia